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Jesus’ father purchased this piece of land more than 30 years ago with the objective of making a life out of agriculture and growing different products. Before growing coffee, Jesus’ father used to have many Guaba trees on the land, and for this reason they decided to call the farm El Guayabal. Today, they cultivate coffee and sugar cane on this farm, but coffee is what Jesus is more passionate about. Jesus received Finca El Guayabal as an inheritance from his parents. Since then, Jesus has been cultivating coffee, but only focusing and processing conventional coffee. In 2019, everything changed when he learned that if he produced specialty coffee instead, he could make more money and sustain his family. Additionally, he started digging into producing specialty coffee with the objective of letting the world know the potential of Mexican coffee. In 2020 they produced his first lots of specialty coffee by starting with selective harvesting and, although they still haven’t seen significant results in their lives, they are happy with the results seen so far and Jesus is really proud that he managed to produce coffee with great results.

As Jesus and his family are relatively new in the process of specialty coffee, they still don’t have the infrastructure to process their coffees. For this reason, they take the wet coffee to an organization led by Victoria Marini where they process it.