Finca Pisonayniyoc | Washed Anaerobic Gesha

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Ruther Quispe involved in the production of coffee because that was his family tradition. His parents and grandparents were coffee producers for many years. When his grandparents first arrived in Ocobamba, with the plan of producing coffee, they were told that it was impossible, that coffee was not grown in this area. In that time, they only produced maize. People told them that they were crazy if they pretended to live from maize. However, when his grandparents arrived in this place, they were fascinated by the nature, the flora and fauna, and the mountains. It was love at first sight. Right away, they started putting their coffee nursery. They were amazed when a couple of year later, these trees were big and productive!

After many years seeing how his family produced coffee, in 2018, Ruther learned from a produce who had won the Cup of Excellence, and in that moment, he decided to involve into his parents’ farm and the daily activities. A year later, he knew that something was missing in his coffee, he wanted to go the extra mile and be able to, one day, achieve one of these recognitions. Since then, Ruther has learned about better techniques in the fermentation and post-harvest processes. “Producing specialty coffee and working with Caravela has been a beautiful experience, because they recognize my work and pay me accordingly.