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Jonathan Gasca is a character. Him, his wife and his lovely family are the backbone of Zarza coffee who we had the pleasure of visiting in Colombia. The name ‘Zarza’ is derived from their family name, and related with Zarzamora trees, honey and bees.

The Gasca Brothers, Jhonatan and Johan who wanted to be soccer players as children, are the fourth generation of a traditional coffee-growing family dedicated to selling coffee. The family  have been passionately producing coffee (and beekeeping) at scale for 80 years but decided to dive deep into specialty coffee very recently. Their progression and achievements over that time are nothing less than spectacular.

Zarza have only 3 years of specialty coffee production under their belts, but the fermentations are tight, and smell absolutely incredible first hand.

Like his friends; the Lasso brothers at El Diviso, Johan and Diego at Las Flores, he too is processing with the addition of thermoshock protocols and advanced experimental processing.

This lot is a beautiful ‘Natural’ processed Pacamara lot. Manually and selectively collected from Zarza farm in Bruselas. The cherries are then put into plastic bags in an anaerobic environment for 3 to 4 days for cherry oxidation. The cherries are then secondarily fermented for several days, dried in the sun for 4 days and finished off in mechanical driers.